Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our Next Little Adventure

Yesterday I visited the travel agency on campus after classes and bought our trip to Bohol. We're going to the beach! We'll be leaving on Friday, October 2 and coming back Monday, October 5. All very decadent--Lizzie will miss two more days of school. But I think it's worth it to be able to dig our feet into the edge of the ocean.

No, we're not roughing it, or finding our way as it comes to us, like real adventurous travelers do. Instead, we're going on a package tour to this resort: http://www.amoritaresort.com/

But, hey, this woman has to get out of her box slowly, and preferably on a leash.


  1. Please wash hands after going to the beach. Sand is really quite filthy.

  2. Bohol is nice...this is where Christianity began in the Philippines...you will see turn of the century churches and all of them have museums...it is like being transported in time. Lets hope you get sunny weather so that you can see the chocolate hills brown...otherwise on a cloudy day, they are green. This is a small province which is actually just 2 a half hours from me by ferry. The beaches are great with white sands and most are owned by foreigners married to locals. If you are brave enough you can go scuba diving and see the beautiful underwater life...but otherwise snorkeling is great too! Have fun!