Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On One Hand and the Other

Little Irritations that Loom Large on a Rainy Afternoon

1. The forgotten umbrella, safe at home in the dry apartment.
2. Walnut shells cracking between molars--ouch--as I try a new cake flavor (Date Walnut) to use up the rain delay...
3. Small rocks kicked into the Birkenstock sandals, between the sole and the bottom of the foot.
4. Humidity that pools at the small of the back in a small, drippy puddle. Humidity that soaks the underarms in damp halos. Humidity that slicks the insides of the thighs and slides the legs along the seats.
5. The new middle-aged feel of belly flab sloughing up and down, jim jam jiggle, with each step.
6. An unexpected trip to the bathroom in the late afternoon--digestion on fast forward. Was it the oatmeal breakfast? The afternoon snack of cake and coffee? The last minute glass of water? Some unknown stress?
7. Tiny freaking ants marching along the crack of every wall, the kitchen counter, the soap on the bathroom sink.
8. Building pain in the bottom. That old, niggling, mean spirited friend, Mr. IBS, back for an ill-timed visit. Making dinner--and thinking I don't want to eat, ever again.
9. Burning the toast.
10. Remembering that I haven't worked out yet at 7 PM.
11. Working out. Melting.

Compensating Factors to More than Even the Score

1. A visit to the travel agent, beginning plans to visit Singapore and a beach resort in Bohol.
2. The travel agent, like nearly everyone I meet here, who smiles, asks me a lot of questions about my time here, suggests trips to take, gives me his card, promises to email soon with details on the two trips.
3. A text message from Beng: Just thinking about you. How are you?
4. Special delivery from Beng: Her cousin arrives at the Chocolate Kiss with a gentle smile and a plaid umbrella.
5. Sipping coffee in the warm atmosphere at the cafe, its rich, smokey flavor. Each moist datey bite of the cake. The delicate butter cream frosting.
6. Thinking about Lizzie as I walk home through the rain. Thinking can't wait to see her and thank God she came with me. Smiling as I think of her face.
7. The gentle rain, little tap tap taps on the umbrella, more loving than furious.
8. Looking into strangers' eyes as I pass and and smiling, tentative. Fragile connection. Getting grins in return.
9. The smoked gouda cheese I bought yesterday--perfect for a stop-me-up dinner.
10. Cold water, glass after glass, sliding down my throat.
11. Dinner with Lizzie, complete with sing-a-long rehashes of the "Once More With Feeling" Buffy episode.
12. Post work out buzz. Nothing finer!

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