Sunday, August 9, 2009


1. Those frogs I see squished into paper thin ghosts of themselves, dried out by the sides of the roads--where do their guts go?

2. Why do the comfortable shoes that I spend $70.00 on give me blisters on both heels?

3. What are the small yellow fruits that litter the sidewalk with mushy splotches, asking me to slip and fall?

4. Where do these fits of restlessness, which no amount of movement or stillness or talk or silence will cure, spring from?

5. Will I be able to plan a trip out of Manila for the week after next or will I find excuses to put it off and put it off?

6. Why does chocolate cake taste so good?

7. How did the little black weevils get into the package of macaroni in the bottom cupboard (and how did the package get slit)?

8. Why do people put their small dogs into parrot sized wire cages in their front yards?

9. Who would think to breed husky dogs for the Philippines and why did we see so many husky puppies at the pet store?

10. Why aren't there more swimming pools here?

11. How far away from me, right now, are the white sand beaches?

12. Where's the low level shock I feel, the humming in my bones and the frizzle in the tips of my fingers, coming from when I use the left burner on the cookstove?

13. Does that mean that, while I'm cooking, I'm cooking myself?

14. Where does my mind go when, all of a sudden, it drifts away from me?

15. How do I get it to come back?

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