Sunday, July 12, 2009

Going Back

I have to go to school today. Which is a total waste because its raining non stop. I wish they would cancel school for the day. That would be awesome.

I went to the mall yesterday with my mom and got two new pairs of jeans. They are probably the best denim related thing that has happened to me since sliced white bread. I got one pair that is purple and the other is pink and black. So I'm wearing my purple pair today, but what's the point if going to school is a total waste. Well, at least I can save my dad from the fear that I will lose two months of what I learned in school. But that's just what Sylvan says. And Sylvan Learning Center is for kids whose parents don't think they are doing well enough in school so they put them in ANOTHER school so they can bring up their scores one grade level guaranteed. Yeah. 

I like school because it gives me something to do. But when I have no idea what to do cause everyone is doing something that the united states schools never taught us how to do I can just tell myself that I'm not getting any grades. That always makes me feel better. And getting a 6 day vacation was nice too. I learn stuff in my school. Like how to say "Gimme the money" in Filipino. Here, I'll teach you people: Akin na pera mo. (a-keen na paira moe). I also learned that there are no silent letters in Filipino and the vowels stay the same. This is going to be a piece of cake. (Hopefully).

Lizzie XD

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