Thursday, July 30, 2009


It's very hot today. It's one of those humid, sticky days that suck your shirt against your skin and turn the palms of your hands into clammy slabs of meat.

I woke up hot and cranky. I've been having more and more trouble with sleep, because my airconditioner blows right over my bed (and I can't rearrange my room to obviate this problem--the room's too small); if I put it on low cool, it's still blowing grit and mold over me so that I wake up with a stuffy head, dizzy and confused. If I put it on fan, it doesn't cool me enough to allow me to sleep well AND I still wake up with a stuffy head, dizzy and confused. I've tried going without the airconditioning, and besides the fact that I'm wicked hot, I don't have the white(ish) noise I need to block out the frogs, roosters, turkeys (I'm now convinced there's one of two of the buggers just underneath my window), human beings, dogs and cats that make all sorts of noise well past the midnight hour.

A few days ago, I woke up confused and dizzy, and my ears hurt--prelude to an ear infection? Heaven forbid! The last time I got one of those, the eardrum burst and snot water leaked out all over the place. So this is why toddlers scream, I thought, then, in a haze of sympathy. Their brains are literally melting.

Yesterday, I remembered that I'd brought some over the counter Zyrtec with me and decided to use it again, even if it does make me a little giddy and--I'd actually forgotten until this side effect until this morning--dehydrated. But even with the Zyrtec-clone, I finished my second class today with one of those right-eyeball-jellifying headaches that I've always thought of as sinus-related.

Furthermore, the apartment complex gave us a notice yesterday that today they'd be bombing all the apartments with pesticide, and that we needed to put all our food into the fridge and vacate the premises for the duration of the "treatment." I loaded the fridge to the gills and, this afternoon, while unloading it again, managed to drop the black pepper and break the glass container, so that pepper shot all over the floor.

The point of this long rambling whine is that I'm hot, cranky, constipated, headachy, sticky, and possibly poisoned. Not to mention peppered.


  1. I live in Hawaii, so I (somewhat) feel your sticky pain. Try putting a small fan on the floor angled up to the ceiling. This should help more with air circulation and hopefully cool you off a little more.

  2. yep, buy an air circulator...the little things work! Get the Union brand, they're of better quality then Asahi.