Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rain vs. Snow

On Thursday, I relearned that Doko ni masu ka? in Japanese means Where are we? And classes where suspended after 15 minutes because it was raining. Fun.

I guess its a nice change getting classes suspended because of rain. I mean if it rained like this in Wisconsin they would just tell us to suck it up. But I bet if a blizzard started when we where in school, the stupid superintendent would say: 'It's safer if they stay here.' Like they do when most kids almost get frostbite walking to school. I don't like this superintendent. He doesn't make any good decisions AND on most days when it's too cold or the snow is up to our calfs and still going strong, we still have to go to school. I think he's trying to torture us. I bet he wouldn't care if we all got hypothermia. I also bet that if it rained so hard that the streets flooded and the rain was still going strong, he would wait until it was too late and our parents/ caretakers/ buses couldn't get us. So we'd all have to walk. We'd get sick. But would he care? No. Just shows what the superintendent knows.  
Sayonara! ă•ă‚ˆăȘら!

Lizzie ;-P

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