Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sick Day

I caught my mom's cold today. I had a headache, sore throat, and a bad cough. So I stayed home. First sick day in a foreign country. Yay...?

Yeah. I stayed home today. Which stinks, I guess. So I stayed home and watched some comedies. You know the classics like "Meet the Parents" and "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist". I guess you could call it fun. But guess what happened when I randomly got up to go get a drink of water. I saw the cleaning staff. And guess where I went when my computer didn't have any juice in its battery. I went downstairs to blog but I couldn't! Happy day! But the good news is that I got over my headache and sore throat but my cold migrated down to my chest and now I have a cough that can be heard around the world. Also, it hurts sometimes, and I get this feeling like I have to cough but I can't because if people hear me they might think I'm infected by the A H1N1. So I can't cough in public. Well I could but I don't have a handkerchief to cough into! Lucky me! If my cough survives through the night I won't go to school tomorrow. Oh, gosh, gotta sneeze. Crud. It passed. Don't you people hate it when you think you have to sneeze but then it passes. That happens all the time for me. It bothers me so much. GRRR! Did you know that when you sneeze you make air move at 100 mph! Sweet right?

This goes totally off topic but... guess what I learned! I am a visionary. It's like my 6th sense or something. I can see the future through my dreams. Its like awesome! It happened a lot back home in Wisconsin. Like this one time, my friend got picked for the lightning competition during the 8th grade boys basketball team against some male staff and she told her mom in the car on the way home. (I walk to and from school with her). And then she was explaining the rules and then her mom (to clarify) said, "So only one of you can win?" and then my friend said, "Yeah." then her mom said, "That sucks." And that whole only one can win conversation piece was in this one dream I had had a couple days before or something. It was wicked sweet. (I guess. If you like to be able to do that kinda thing). Yeah. I read this one book and it said a Visionary is someone who can see the future through dreams or something along the lines of that. So I guess I'm kinda like a psychic or something. Cool. 

さようなら!Good bye!

リジー Lizzie o_0

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  1. Lizzie -

    I hope you are feeling better. Sleep, fluids and reading will help the cold.