Friday, May 29, 2009

2 days and counting: yipes....

The day after tomorrow is take off. Today was my last day of school. We had popsicles and a party just for me going away. I guess a lot of people are going to miss me. I had a grape popsicle. They were the kind with two sticks. You know the kind that you pull both sticks and that one popsicle you had is now two. That's the kind we had today. They were from the drug store. They were actually really good. They didn't taste like cough medicine. It would be really weird if they did. 

Right now I'm watching T.V. in my basement because the T.V. in the living room wasn't cooperating. The picture kept disappearing during really important parts of the show. (Even though I'd only saw the first couple minutes). Right now I'm watching Avatar (awesome show that I fell in love with it, then fell out of love with it, then back in. Weird I now,) with little blurbs telling you about the show. Like audio commentary without the talking, and a lot of words. Anyway, up next is Iron Man: Armored Adventures. I didn't like the movie Iron Man. It was way to violent. Also, the people next to me talked a lot. The dude next to the woman I was sitting next to were having a conversation. The dude's voice was very low and loud. He was disturbing me while I was trying to sleep.  That was very rude. 

I feel very scared right now. I'm all packed, which is good. But right now I wish I could take a mental vacation. Deep breaths, Lizzie, Deep breaths.  AHHHH!

Lizzie >_<



  1. I wish I had been there to have a popsicle. But I don't like grape. I prefer lime. Or cherry. No...maybe orange. But not grape.

  2. OK...I'd eat a grape one if it was with you.

  3. Hey lizzie.....those popsicles were good! I had orange!! Are you excited to leave??? Well of course you are!! I will miss you math buddy!!!!

  4. I had a Dairy Queen cone yesterday, which is not a popsicle, but neither one has dairy, as it turns out. So that's what we had in common on Friday, and we didn't even know it. Awwww!

    I'm glad your people (peeps? ppl? word up, I'm *trying* not to shame you here!) sent you off in style. Will watch for your fab blog posts, as I am esp. taken with the little pictures you include after your name at the end of each one (today's reminds me of the word "eeeep!")

    Bon voyage, buddy ol' pal. I'll pat Ishy for you every couple of weeks. Awwww!