Friday, May 22, 2009

Writer in Progress or Jr. Photographer?

Hmmm. Am I a writer in progress or a Jr. Photographer? Am I what what my mom said, or what?
Because according to the picture to the left, I did a pretty good job capturing Willow's true essence. 

Well, its STILL 9 days 'til take off. AHH!!!! I'm not ready. There's a Japanese restaurant across the street from our apartment, but we can't cross the street to get there because its way to dangerous. The Philippines doesn't call the fridge the fridge. They call the fridge the ref, and the bathroom the CR or Comfort Room. I need to learn the slang. 'Til then my friend! Bye Bye!

Lizzie =3 


  1. Both. I love your writer's voice! And your pet portraits are fun, too. See you tomorrow!

  2. hey lizzie. it's me bre. i will write to you alot on here so check back often. as always, your loving friend BRE!! :)