Friday, May 22, 2009

9 days and counting: AHH!!

Guess what.    Gotta haircut. 

But its nine days 'til take off. That means I'll miss 11 days of school, I think they're just putting us people in a cramped room with like 22 other people on a really nice day just to torture us. Yeah, I guess you could say I'm lucky. I thought that too 'til I found out I was only getting like 2 weeks of summer vacation while my friends and are getting almost 3 months of summer vacation. It's not fair!! But I guess I'm still lucky because most 12 year olds I know aren't going half way around the world for 5 months anytime soon. Yeah... ok so I guess I'm lucky.

Still, only 2 weeks of vacation everyone else gets 13 more weeks of summer vacation than me! I have to wear a uniform at my school. A uniform! It probably means that I can't wear my bracelets and that will slowly and painfully be killed bit by bit each day. 'Til I slowly wither away and I'm just an empty shell of me. It'll be so sad.

My haircut is cute. I really like it. But I really hacked it off. At least 2 inches came off. And to top it all off, Greg (my hairdresser) dropped the cut part like right in front of my face. My mom thought that I was going to freak out and that I wasn't ready for the change, but it was really SHE was the one who wasn't ready for the change. But I guess parents just have to get ready for changes. Even if they are REALLY big. Like me getting my hair whacked off. See ya!

Lizzie ^.^ 


  1. I think the whacking came out wonderful, Lizzie. Now I need to read Black Cat so we can Cat chat together.

  2. AWESOME! I'D LOVE IT!!!!!!!!