Friday, May 22, 2009

The Author at Work

Don't you just love Lizzie's first official blog entry?

Here's photographic documentation (so you don't think I've invented her character):

Actually, she's at her computer, typing away, in this picture. But you can't quite see that. I don't know why. Maybe I came in too close to take it.

But that's her new hair do, and everything.

What did I do to prepare for the trip today? I went to campus and got the books I need to teach my classes at the University of the Philippines. I'll be teaching Fiction Writing and an American Literature Survey (1900-present). I've got the books in my briefcase now, ready to go. I also got a few lanyards with St. Norbert on them, and some St. Norbert pens, for the pasalubong tradition (giving gifts to people who matter). I just googled the custom and found out that I needed to get "fine" pens for the gift giving. Ugh. I don't think that the 1.00 models I found will be good enough.

Here's how I feel:

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  1. This is so fantastic!!! It is like almost touching the two of you when we are speaking--whole new world to me as the MI great ole'(with so much humungous (sound it out--hu/mun/gous) insight)crazy lady. For yrs. we have talked on the phone NOT seeing anything but the dishes I didn't do; bed not made, etc., etc.______. BUT now I can see,touch screen---WOW!,WOW!
    The trip/life in another country will be so exciting to us so lucky followers as you bring yourselves as reps of our country. I am honored knowing and loving you both for so many yrs.--oh, yes Liz--I can still so vividly remember you "hav' to go to the pot" when I stayed with you just so you could convince me I had to read you ANOTHER story 'cause you had to go to bed AGAIN $ "you know I can't fall asleep w/out one". And now? You will be almost sleeping in another WORLD!
    Both of you have to END the crazy flutters in both your stomach and mind--you will make it fine and what's not done who really cares? Ya might be mad at you for 2 sec., but ya both now how to let things go---it'll be so much easier now that they really just go------------
    Will read up later---love ya both so..............