Friday, May 29, 2009

Day after Tomorrow

I think Lizzie got the better trip haircut.

You be the judge:

It's layerriffic but makes me vaguely irritated. Like I want to jump into the shower and start over again. But then I'd come out wet and the same silly person I was when I got in.

Our email server at school went down on Saturday and I haven't been able to get into my personal folders, where I stored all the emails specific to the Philippines. So I could never make the master list of "things to take" -- that means that Lizzie and I will get on the plane early on Sunday morning and there's a 5% chance that we'll be forgetting to take something with us that we'll need. (I posted this and then noticed that I'd already written about this technology nightmare in the last entry. See? I can't remember what I've said from one post to the next. This means the brain is FULL. Or the attention is short.)

What's an adventure without uncertainty? Is it even an adventure?

Nana Peterson has asked us to take lots of lots of photos while we're over there, and you can bet that we'll comply. KC asked me to give a slide show when we get back. "I don't know," I said, "I loved my grandmother dearly but she gave slide shows of her trips and I remember wanting to kill myself during them." So while I can't promise a slide show, I can promise some sort of to-do when we get back, maybe a Day of the Dead blow out.

KC just returned from Canada. It took her 24 hours longer to get home than she'd anticipated because of travel snafus. I'm crossing my fingers and toes that this luck is not universal. Lizzie and I will leave early on Sunday morning, May 31, and should arrive in the Philippines at 10:30 PM on Monday, June 1. That's barring any Bermuda triangle action.

Starting tomorrow, I am going to pretend to be Ms. Calm and Collected. Maybe seeming will become being.

(Concluding question: Can one be Calm and Collected whilst wearing the dreaded travel fanny pack?)


  1. this is dave wanting to be cool

  2. LIZZIE'S POSTING SOMETHING!!!! My papa-san wishes he was as cool as me!!!! He wishes he was this cool. B-D yeah....

  3. OK, here's a real comment and not just a practice one. It's Sat. the 30th and I just called you to say, "Hasta luego"--NOT good-bye. Spoke with Lizzie, told her I loved her.

    I just wanted to connect one more time before tomorrow. The thing that's so crazy is that it seems like we see less of each other during the summer than during the school year, with all the travel and teaching that goes on. But I always knew you were there and that I would see you at any moment. So that spontaneity is gonna be on hold for a little bit.

    The pedi today was fun and normal and kind of strange watching college softball while sitting in the massage chair.

    I will call again in a bit and if I don't talk to you tonight I know we will do some "Skyping." I know you both will have a wonderful experience. It's the before-hand-not-knowing-time that is the most excrutiating.

    Love you all! Diva

  4. If anyone makes a fanny pack look good, it's you. You're off and on your way (though I check your blog a couple of times a day--I know; I'm sad--I didn't see any new entries 'til just now, else I'd have commented earlier), and so, best wishes, bon voyage, salut. I would love to see your slide show, and I'd be honest and tell you if I wanted to off myself in the midst of it.

    Looking forward to to-do--big, small, or Sunday night- when you get back.

    :) xo mel

  5. PS: You look JUST LIKE Lizzie in this picture. Except that you look 25.