Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cooling off some steam

My computer isn't being nice. I guess it doesn't value its cybernetic life. 

Right now, I really want to punch someone in the face. I don't know why, but when I try to watch one of my shows, it won't play. I've tried HiddenAnime and Youtube. Neither work. I don't know what's wrong. I tried to guess the episode number on HiddenAnime, but it kept faltering. Like it'd go good for about a second or two but then it'd stop then start again. I guess I just have to try again tomorrow. But the good news is that I can finally log on to blogspot. (I couldn't before and that really ticked me off. Like majorly too. The site would just redirect me. But I can now!) Still, if it doesn't work by the time I'm done and I try again I will seriously think about exiling my computer. Then if in like 2 days if it doesn't work I will seriously think about killing it. This is how badly I want to watch this episode of my show! I'm not satisfied reading the overview and recap on! I really want to watch this 'sode. You're probably wondering what show I'm talking about. I'm talking about Inuyasha. I read that Inuyasha cries in that 'sode and he's like really tough and I need to watch this or my head will EXPLODE!! I'm serious it will. But I guess I should try again! Shalom to you my friend!

Zi >:-O


  1. Please don't punch me, as the handiest person, in the face, kiddo.

  2. I seriously think this is my most favorite title so far.