Sunday, June 14, 2009

Undies Quiz


  1. So, here's what kind of underwear I am:

    "You're boy shorts!

    Boy shorts have a masculine name, but they fit in a way that's feminine and hot. Like boy shorts, you're hot without being showy -- you're honest, realistic, and dependable, and unexpectedly sexy. Boy shorts have decent coverage, and they feel just right on your personality. You don't need to put all your private bits out there for the world to see. Sometimes the best moments in life are completely off the record.

    9% of the people who took this quiz got the same evaluation."

    You had me at "masculine name, but...feminine and hot." I love it when fb & cosmo quizzes turn an unexpected strobe on a little corner of my soul.

  2. Speaking of awkward, I turned out to be boxers.

  3. i got cartoon undies. yeah. i rock the undies off this joint.

  4. Do I have to reveal the results??

  5. Yes, you have to reveal the results. Deej got a GREAT one!

  6. So what ARE those results, women? Tell! And tell now!

  7. OK--I am a thong!

    YES--a THONG!

    I don't remember the whole THONG synopsis, but it is something like, "You are daring, but you don't really feel the need to show your privates to all the world--you're a thong on the INSIDE. Your personality may seem intimidating at first, but once people get to know you, they want to be a thong, too."

    So what does that say about you, my friends??