Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Missin' some people

Right now I'm taking this opportunity to use my blog for telling people I miss em.

Jaimee!! Miss you so so so so so so much! It really kills me how much I miss you.

Bre!! My math buddy!

Griffin!! I really hope you're reading this! Miss you lots!

Papa-san!! I miss you lots and lots. Can't wait for our next video chat!

Rainy, Ishy, and Willow!! I know that you can't read. I still miss all of you!!

Sunday Dinner Crowd!! Eating on Sunday isn't the same!!! Its too quiet.

And all the rest of my friends!! Its sunny while all of you sleep!!


  1. "It's Sunny While All of You Sleep: The Lizzie Chronicles." And you say you're no good with titles.

    Thx for the Sunday Night shout out, friend. We miss you here, too, which is why it was SO GREAT to skype w/ you the other night. I hope your mom found change in the end. (currency, not metaphysical)

    :] (nobody does the robot anymore!)

  2. ooohhh Mel, you are sooooooooooo funny. i hope you're getting enough ishy for the both of us.

    Virtual hugs!!

  3. Lizzie-chan, missin' you too, my peep!