Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not Cool

I was sitting at the dining table, working on a Sudoku, this afternoon, and I felt the tickle of a fly on my back. I swatted at it and, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a look at it as it hit the wall: it wasn't a fly, but a little fat-bodied spider. Jumping spiders in the apartment! SO not cool.

We went grocery shopping with Cynch and Boyet (her husband) this morning, at a Chinese store. "It doesn't have the atmosphere of Rustan's," Cynch explained, as Boyet navigated the Sunday morning traffic. "But the prices are cheaper." And they do take credit cards, but it's a Byzantine process; you take your cart through the check out, and then show the cashier your credit card. She rings up a tape, and scribbles on the back, then the bagger runs the card over to another desk where 4 to 5 women in store uniforms work the credit card machines. They run your card and print up two receipts, you sign them, and then the bagger wheels your groceries (on a special cart) out to the parking area for you.

Our fridge is packed now.

Tomorrow morning, early, Beng is picking us up so that we can go to The Learning Tree's business office and seal the cultural exchange deal for Lizzie. On Tuesday, I start to teach. Cross your fingers and toes that all of this finagling goes smoothly.

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