Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Instead of having school get cancelled for snow, we get school cancelled because of rain. 

Yes this is the second day in a row that school has been cancelled because of rain. Plus, on Friday, we have a half day. Which is odd. So tomorrow if I have school at all it's going to be from like 10:30 to like 3:30. I really don't know. I've missed art. And gym. But I don't mind missing gym. We just stretch most of the time anyway. So I'm not that sad about missing gym. I wonder if I have to make up the missed days at the end of the year like we did in Wisconsin. But I'm making friends at school. They're really friendly at my school. What if school gets cancelled tomorrow? I will die. My mom can't get on the internet in her office so I'd be dead by the time by mom comes back. I would die not being able to read my manga online! Do you know how badly that kills me? You people have no idea how badly that kills me. But I did find this one manga website with english translations so I just reread the series New Moon Wo Sagashite. Yeah. I just finished the series before I came and talked to you people. I'm sorry I haven't blogged a lot. I don't have a lot of stuff to talk about. Its just the same old stuff almost everyday. 

Lizzie >.<

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