Wednesday, June 17, 2009

School Day

I had my first day of school yesterday. My computer ran out of juice before I could blog, so I'm writing about my second day of school.

I rode the bus today, but I was the only person on it. You get on in the back. He dropped me off at the Learning Tree. (My school). And I was one of the first people there. Then some one of the other girls in my class showed up. I wasn't very clueless anymore. I just stayed by the people in my class and the other sixth graders.

We Social Studies first. We discussed Latitude and Longitude. I have to finish questions 1-6.

Next, we had math. We had a quiz and I guess I did pretty well.

We had Science and I finally had a class with Sir Ryan (Teacher Ryan. We just call him sir). We learned about inertia and reviewed the scientific method.

We had break. Like lunch.

We had Philipino. I had to find a patriotic american poem. I need a translator because they only talk in Philipino.

English was next. English as in Language Arts, not the language often spoken in America. We made conversations using the four sentence types, exclamatory, interrogative, declarative, and imperative. We had to think of 4 different conversations with at least 4 sentences. One sentence for each type.

Break. Again. We get 2 15 minute breaks.

Art. Fun. We're doing perspective/depth drawings. We need 2 ideas. So we can cover the wall by when you turn to go upstairs.

Then I went home. The bus was in a perdicament so the owner of the bus thingy took me home and told me that the bus was in a perdicament.

I had a fun second day.

I'll write later. Blog ta y'all soon.

Lizzie =0


  1. What kind of perdicament was the bus in? Did the bus owner pick you up in a different bus or his car or what?

    What poem are you going to choose? Could you choose the national anthem, even though it's a song? Songs are poetry.

    So are the classes difficult, or is some or the information review? It would be kind of cool if there were some review mixed in with the new stuff, then it would be like eeeeasing into things.

    Do you like the two 15-minute break thingys? It doesn't seem like much time...but your lunch at school was only 22 minutes or something, right?

    What are the other students like?

    These are my questions.

  2. Hey Lizzie, I just set up a blog of my own so we can keep in touch. I read all of your posts, it sounds really exciting over there. I hope you are having alot of fun.

    Miss You, Griffin

  3. my blog is griffman1123

    miss you, griffin

  4. Griffin,
    Gotta facebook. tell your mom. or she already knows. I don't want a psychic mama-san. that would stink.

    Miss you,