Saturday, June 6, 2009

I don't know what to call this thing

Hello, I am stuck.

Yes, Lizzie has writer's block. Right now she's not sure what to write. So Lizzie's writing this. Yeah. Right now Lizzie's watching Ben 10 in english 'cause she doesn't want to watch the Daily 10. She's thinking about how she misses all her friends and family. So Lizzie has some pictures to show the world. The world gets to see her dog and cats. Lizzie thinks they're really cute so the world needs to see them. Lizzie says to enjoy!

I got some inside shoes. They're in the picture below. Which one's you ask? They're the one's on the left. I got them at the SM north mall which is probably the biggest mall I've ever been in. It's like huge! You could get lost in there. I also got a pair of jeans. Skinny jeans are really popular here and I tried on the kind that are really tight around the ankle but I could hardly get it over my heel. So I didn't get those.Right now, well not really right now but everyday, I really miss all my friends. Especially my bestest friend in the whole wide world, Jaimee. Jaimee and I have been friends for 9 years now and you can see why I really miss her. Oh and this one night my dad was driving Jaimee home and I came along 'cause she's my friend, anyway, I brought my camera and we were being goofy. Jaimee had brought her stuffed doggy over and I said, "I wanna take a picture with you and your doggy." We were in the back of my dad's truck. (We weren't in the bed of the truck. That's illegal). Since it was nighttime, you couldn't see anything back there. So Jaimee would tell me when she was ready and then I'd take the picture. We got a bunch of awesome pictures and I would show you people one of the pictures but I'm going to be nice and I'm going to ask before I put her picture on!

Naturally, I would also miss my animals too. So here are some pictures of my animals:
Willow in her puppyhood. She wouldn't sit still for the camera

Rainy peacefully sleeping. Shhh.

Ishy in all his cuteness. Awwww.

One more thing:

See Ya'll

Lizzie c",)

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  1. Lizzie, darling, I love your blog entries! And the LIVE picture is inspirational. Love you, your silly moms (sitting across from you in the breezeway and sweating).