Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Promised Pictures

Lizzie with Filipino money.

The shower set up. That little white box is the hot water heater.

Cooking amenities

Kitchen/Living Room

On the 5th floor. No elevator.

Courtyard with man.

The building across from ours (the other half of this apartment complex).


Lizzie's exhausted by this trip. She's upstairs in the apartment, drooling onto the couch. I've been able to wake her for dinner (bow tie pasta and Del Monte sauce from a plastic pouch) but that's about it. When I do rouse her, she looks at me funny, as if her eyes can't quite focus. I better get back up to her.


  1. The apartment looks better than I thought it would. It looks better than the place we had in Malaga when we took the students in 2000. It does look really clean!

    The shower is a disappointment. We are probably the only culture on earth, though, who showers once a day, and sometimes 2 or 3 times. Maybe you'll need a spa day once a week to steam out all the impurities!

    I hope Lizzie wakes up soon and makes a posting. Her fans are waiting!


  2. A trip that catapults you into tomorrow extracts days of recovery, too--greedy trip. Hope Lizzie gets lots of sleep and wakes up reoriented, recharged. And how will you orient, charge? Leave time for Mom to drool on the wicker and hard beds, too.

    I'm with Deej: the place looks way brighter, cleaner than I thought, esp. the shower. And a fifth-floor walk-up? When you get home, Buns of Steel, you can kick that treadmill to the curb.

    When do you start teaching? Please don't say, "Today."

    Msg to Lizzie, when she's awake: Indeed, your fan club awaits. I think I'm the V-P, behind Prez Deej, but we haven't had elections yet. We'll keep you posted.


  3. So, what am I? The mere Treasurer?

    Deej and Meldog are right; we need to hear from Lizzie.

  4. Hey, Dad, money makes the world go 'round--nothing mere about it. But better that than having denounced "mere archivists" or "mere historians." Perish the thought!