Monday, June 29, 2009

Finally Legit. And Locked Out.

I finally got my new ID card for the UP. Bobot picked me up (25 minutes early! breaking my stereotype of the 5-10 minute fudge factor on pickup times) and took me to the Registrar's building, where I sat in front of a purple background and, chaching, there I was in all my glory. I sort of look like a frump in my picture, but since I am a frump--no harm, no foul, I suppose.

Because I had to leave early, it was up to Lizzie to get herself packed up and out the door on her own when the schoolbus arrived. There must be something in the air or water, because the bus--which usually arrives 10 to 15 minutes late--came early. In her rush to get out the door, Lizzie forgot about the key... Or so she texted me a few minutes ago. I don't know the details--whether she locked the key inside the apartment, or took it with her, or just ran out leaving everything unlocked.

Ah. The wonders of communication: I just got a text from Lizzie with the deets. She locked the key in the apartment. Well, that's what the guard is for, I suppose. To let me in when I get back after teaching my classes.

Speaking of the wonders of communication, I'm putting -- or trying to put -- a little film that Lizzie and I made into this post. I don't even recommend watching it. It's just my attempt to test the technology. (Meanwhile, Lizzie's been busily playing with her IMovie program, making all sorts of short films for our viewing pleasure. If this works, we might have to upload one of them...)

AND... It's taking a really long time to load up. Which doesn't make me all that happy. Impatient American: c'est moi.

The film loads up on the editor but then on the website itself I can't find it. (It's just a big white box. Can you see the big white box?) Also, the paragraph breaks in my text disappear.

So I tried loading the film onto Facebook. That took exactly 10 seconds, max. I'm beginning to suspect that Blogger bites the big one.

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  1. Film works fine on Blogger.

    You are so not a frump btw.